Tubes and Pipes Forming Process

Tubes and pipes forming is a process of converting slitted coils into Tubes and Pipes. It begins with the fitting of slitted coils on the an uncoiler drum, whereby it is uncoiled and fed through a joining and welding table to weld the ends of the strips together. The welded strips are then stored in an accumulator to collect sufficient steel strips to enable continuous Tubes/Pipes forming. Subsequently, the welded strips are fed through a leveller to be flattened. After levelling, the steel strips are fed through a series of rollers to form the steel strips into cylindrical profiles.

This cylindrical profiles are then welded using a high frequency induction welder. After cooling, these newly formed Tubes/Pipes are fed through a series of precision sizing rolls to form specified dimensions and tolerance. The formed Tubes/Pipe are then fed through a cutting unit to be cut into predetermined lengths.


  • Outside Diameter – Ø 10mm – Ø 127mm
  • Thickness – 0.40mm to 4.50mm
  • Length – 5.0m to 7.0m
  • Material Processed – CR, HR & GI