Shearing Process

Shearing is a process of cutting the steel coils into sheets and/or plates into pre-determined lengths. The process begins with the fitting of large steel coils onto an uncoiler drum whereby it is uncoiled and fed through a leveller to be flattened. Subsequently, the sheets are fed into a motorised shear to be cut into pre-determined lengths. After shearing, the steel sheets and/or plates are levelled again to avoid the waving effect. The sheared sheets and/or plates are then automatically stacked by a stacking machine which controls the number of sheets per stack.

Our Group uses two (2) types of shearing line, i.e a rotary shear line and a start-stop line. We use the rotary-shear line for coils with thickness of more than 2mm and the start stop line for coils with thickness less than 2mm. With the rotary shear line, feeding is continuous whilst the required length is cut, thus enabling high production volume. With the start-stop line, feeding of material is stopped for cutting when the required length is reached.

Shearing Line 1


  • Thickness – 0.15mm to 3.00mm
  • Slitting Width – 22mm – 1250mm
  • Coil Width – 1250mm max
  • Material Processed – GI, PPGI, EG, ZnAl, P&O & CR
  • Coil Material Weight – 20MT Max
  • Coil Material ID – 508mm, 610mm & 762mm
  • Coil Material OD – 1800mm Max.

    Shearing Line 2


  • Thickness – 1.20mm to 6.00mm
  • Width – 800mm to 1600mm
  • Length – 1200mm to 6000mm
  • Material Processed – GI, P&O, HR & CR
  • Coil Material Weight – 25MT Max.
  • Coil Material ID – Ø508mm, Ø610mm, Ø762mm
  • Coil Material OD – Ø900 – Ø1800mm