Corrugated Galvanised Steel Sheet

Cap Kucing Corrugated Galvanised Steel Sheet has been sold and distributed nationwide in Malaysia. Cap Kucing’s profile is consistently manufactured with high quality control measures to ensure easy installation and alignment for the contractors. The surface of the steel sheet is bright and polished finishing.

Cap Kucing Corrugated Galvanised Steel Sheet is available is standard length ranging from 5ft (1524mm) to 12ft (3658mm). Please refer to the product specification chart for more details.

Standard Width & Length for Cap Kucing Corrugated Sheets
Standard Width  

(Before Corrugation)

Standard Length (mm)
1524 1829 2134 2438 2743 3048 3353 3658
762mm (2 1/2′) 5 6′ 7′ 8′ 9′ 10′ 11′ 12′